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A short walk from everything
Malaga Picasso Towers is a project devised to be connected to everything. Easy to access, it is barely 10 minutes from the port and is very close to the airport. A privileged area of Malaga that is immersed in a process of growth and home to sports centres, hospitals, schools and a university, as well as a multitude of services and large spaces for doing sport outdoors and enjoying the marvellous southern climate. And at your feet, a promenade brimming with peacefulness thanks to the sunlight, aroma of sea salt and sound of the waves.

• International Airport 10 mins.
• Port 10 mins.
• Cruise terminal and marina 15 mins.
• AVE and commuter train station 10 mins.
• Technology Park (PTA) 15 mins.
• Historic centre 15 mins.
• Malaga Pompidou Centre 10 mins.
• Malaga Picasso Museum 15 mins.
• Malaga Carmen Thyssen Museum 15 mins.

The future is here in Malaga

Málaga's history spans about 2,800 years, making it one of the oldest cities in Europe and one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. The painter and sculptor Pablo Picasso and the actor Antonio Banderas were born in Málaga. The most important business sectors in Málaga are tourism, construction and technology services, but other sectors such as transportation and logistics are beginning to expand. Málaga is the main economic and financial centre of southern Spain, and the fourth-ranking city in economic activity in Spain.

After a great transformation of Malaga in recent years, it continues with projects that add value to the city, to make it an ideal place to live, to visit, to invest, to work ... and all this with an eye on a sustainable development. These are the big projects that are worked on with enthusiasm for 2030:

The project

«This is a unique project because the building and its properties engage in dialogue with the sea. This is an open conversation based on harmony and sustainability. Therefore, we believe that it is going to be one of the city´s most iconic residential buildings. 21st Century architecture for a city that has made modernity, tradition and respect for the environment its hallmarks».

Architect of Malaga Picasso Towers


Malaga Picasso Towers is one of the most important urban planning projects for the city of Malaga in recent years. An idea that finds its raison d’être in Malaga, as one of the destinations that arouses the most interest in the property sector. This project undoubtedly positions Malaga on a much more cosmopolitan and innovative stage, adapted to the needs of international citizens.


Malaga Picasso Towers is located in the perfect place to create a project with an extremely high level of architecture, flying the flag for innovation and the cutting-edge, and revamping the western coastline of Malaga, next to the famous Antonio Banderas Promenade. The first luxury property project developed in the city of Malaga, with materials and finishes of an extraordinary quality that can turn this work into a milestone in innovation and design.


The architect behind a project has placed a special value on the integration of the setting with proximity to the sea, a privileged urban and geographic location, as well as the application of energy efficiency, sustainability, environmental and accessibility criteria. But what has been most taken into account is the relationship of people with the space that is going to form part of their lives: their home.


This project's constructor is characterised by being a contemporary property developer that follows the highest standards of quality, design and security to build unique and innovative homes.
“Spaces that are worth living in,” that is the premise they work for, and they do alongside the best architects and interior designers paying attention to the small details.


The morphology of the building is a commitment to verticality, following an architectural trend that is much more efficient in urban centres. The height and density that each tower occupies corresponds to an optimisation of space and the construction of sustainable buildings, an alternative that is increasingly used to improve the distribution of land. Thus, we created overlapping layers that offer the chance to enjoy an outstanding location overlooking the sea, from the bottom floor to the penthouses.


At Malaga Picasso Towers you have a unique and exclusive range of the best community services.


The 3 towers have 71 apartments and penthouses each, of 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms


€ 360,000

  • Built area: 106m2
  • Terrace area: 25m2
  • 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom


€ 655,000

  • Built area: 200m2
  • Terrace area: 56m2
  • 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms


€ 700,000

  • Built area: 232m2
  • Terrace area: 42m2
  • 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms

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